This was my participation on the performance Festival of Naked Forms FNAF curated by Lenka Klodová at Perla Divus gallery. Videoinstallation was recreated by viewers. If they wanted to see the video, they had to smash white jogurts on the black wall. The same weekend i gave birth to my daughter Laura.  

Theatrum Mundi 1.0

Multimedia installation and 6hrs lasting group performance that captures the inner space of man and metaphorically also the world. The basis of group performance is interactive projection and theater turntable. The viewer becomes an active element of the installation. The following performances are: Lenka Klodová, František Kowolowsky, Kateřina Olivová, © Merry, David Helan, Kateřina Olivová,Pokračovat ve čtení „Theatrum Mundi 1.0“