Non–Binary Madona

Koncept: Rády bychom aktualizovaly archetyp Madony. Navracíme Madoně její divoký animistický potenciál. Ostatně aspekt neposkvrněné početí je queer, útěk z egypta zas spojujeme s tíživou skutečností uprchlíků na řeckých ostrovech. Dnešní posthumanistická Madona není symbolem porobené ženy jako nástroje moci, ale soucitnou divokou nebinární bytostí. Dnešní madonna není jen jedno tělo, ale prostředkuje vztah mezi…

Bodies of Water

Performative lecture about inner ekology, water, emotions and nonhierarchy relationships. We all living beings on the Earth are full of water. Our bodies becames fluid and to sensitive in transformation to new forms of life as we become posthumans… Now a days wind can flow freely in empty cities, in the ruins of our systems.…

Woman Soil

We Are materialising White Soil as a woman body. Body Is a living archive of memories, soil contains thé layers of history. We can find any relict from past times, through which we can apropriate any old story any fairytale or mythology. We never know which gods we found. But we can always be sure…


Installation Vyzdorovlenije is collaboration with young Ukrainian artist Polina Revunenko. It is part of our studio exhibition in HYB4 gallery Prague. Vyzdorovlenije means Healing.  The reality is formed by the relationship of many independent elements. Everything that grows produces a melody. Emotions are our legacy. The healing of displaced trauma, here proceeds through the full experience…

Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water was performative lecture and collaboration with Magdalena Šipka and In to the welcoming hour group. It happened 27.2.2020 in GAVU as a part of my experimental seminar Postidentity. #Darinaalster#postidentity  bodiesofwater

Desire is all that exists

Desire is all that exist was a part of three levels exhibition 30 years of emancipation, curated by Boris Ondreicka. First level tuck place in GAVU 2.10.-11.10.2019, second level tuck place in GAVU 23.10.-1.11.2019, third level tuck a place at Gallery Klementinum 26.11.-17.12.2019 #darinaalster    feministart   30yearsofemancipation  desireisallwhatexist

Inner Pressure

Inner Pressure. Dark side of woman soul. Archetype of bloody woman performed by fighting in the water with Jana Orlová, my great colleague and friend. This piece happened 26.9.2019 as a part of international performance festival Malamut, curated by Jiří Surůvka in city fountain in Ostrava #darinaalster#bloodywoman.#womanpower#janaorlova#fightingwithsoul#darkarchetypes.#festivalmalamut

Aramaic Prayer

Aramaic prayer was my performance at international festival of performance Malamut in Ostrava. 25.9.2019 I was protesting against the situation which is happening in Mexico-USA borders. I gave names of dead refugee children, which died this summer in concentration camps at those borders, to my childrens black skin puppets. I tied those puppets to my…

Praying room

My installation Praying room (meditating budhas in petroleum plash) was part of the exhibition Nevšechno, curated by Milan Mikulastik as a part of festival 4+4 days in motion 5.10.-12.10.2019 in Desfourský palace #darinaalster#spirituality#artinclimatechange#climatejustice#climateanxiety

Desire is all that exists!

My Performance Desire is all that exists! hapenned at international perfromance festival Naked Forms 7th septembre 2019 infront of Karlín Studios gallery. The topic of this year was Pain and nudity. Curator Lenka Klodová. Photos by Camila Vieira, Robert Carrithers, Karolína Kohoutková.  #nakedforms#darinaalster#lenkaklodova#feministart#performanceart


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