Tension X

Tension X Qui vicerit, quod proelium Darina Alster, PXS Our vision is apocalyptic, revelatory, life-giving, salvational. Our vision is full of hope for a new life. The feminine force is the true essential force. Tension is an altar that has passed through a black hole. Town X becomes a never-ending Möbius strip. The altar has changed into a disheveled map of catastrophes. The body of a pregnant planet. Muslim ornaments blend with Christian rosettes. Fundamentalism is the fruit of fear and leads to the death of all that has meaning – this applies to Muslim terrorists as well as to the far right that has been so successful in both Europe and America. Feminism is the direct opposite of fundamentalism. Art is a way of thinking and can also be a cure. The exhibition is our shared prayer for civilization. Its foundation is a pattern, repeated like a slow prayer for the preservation of the living core capable of renewing itself after crisis or catastrophe. Perhaps, after humankind exterminates itself, planet Earth will merely shake us off and create new organisms. It’s hard to say whether they will be any wiser than our own civilization has been. Against the world’s decline, we posit Magic. Magic is the science of ordinary people. Magic is everyday life. Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem. The pattern must be repeated quietly like a prayer, mantra, or sigil. We must not give fear a chance. Let us value life and experience love. Fear gives rise to hatred; love brings together. Darina Alster and PXS on the new year 2017.

Publikoval darinaalster

Darina Alster (1979) is visual artist, performer, publisher, curator and pedagog. She lives and works in Prague. She is mostly working with performance, spoken word, sound and video. Main topics of her artistic interest are Time, Identity and Relation ships. In her performances, she exceeds borders of known reality, interupting real situations with unknown and iracional things, then they will become the subconscious. She is mostly experimenting with new media, combine them with archaic medias, as a Astrology, Tarot, Mythology, Fairytales or other kinds of Archetypes. Her known projects are: Treasure, Piet, Personal Tarot, Naked Lunch, Bianca Braselli, Fembot, Thelematrix, Videoautomat, Memorial to victims of Capitalism, Imago Dei, The way of performance, Videoaltar, Dark Madona, Modern forms of invocating reality. darina.alster@gmail.com

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