Radical Love

Radical Love

Interbeing. A different body, different bodies. A body as a social experiment.

Cruising bodies… Love is a collective body. The body of a relationship. The body of a community. Being together. The body of society. Love turned into capital through thermal energy.

Sexuality, polarity. Le Penis & La Vulva and other types of exotic fruit instead of a brain; the ability to agree on shared and individual games and dreaming… A body as a door to the unconscious.

Gender as an obsolete concept. Metagender. The Animus versus the Anima switching every second depending on one’s mood… Androgynous. Anima Mundi. The soul of the world. The world’s collective body. The Mother Earth’s love. Her conscious, creative people walking on the face of the Earth…

The world’s skin, the world’s neural network… The Internet as externalized autonomous thinking.

 Love revealed in online conversations…

 Free Love without borders. Love without attachment.

 Divine love and human inferiority to various idols. Animality is so liberating!

A human, an animal, a human body with an animal soul on all four, waggling hips, gulping blood. Elevation & humiliation. Hierarchy. SM games. Objectification. Reduction.

Wisdom of sexuality. Radical openness.

Love as trust in connection. Mental blocks melting in the sea of Love…

The wrathful divine face. A higher power materialized outside society as an environmental disaster. Repression of unpleasant circumstances. Dancing on a sinking ship… Extinct species and natural processes materialized in the methods of human thinking.

Growth, expansion, pounding, thawing, blowing, melting, sucking, hardening.Labouring Mother Earth. Sharp carnal sex.

Fluidity. Melting ice contemplation… The awareness of constantly melting glaciers.

Smashed political body… Which new word do we have now to use for Feminism?

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Publikoval darinaalster

Darina Alster (1979) is visual artist, performer, publisher, curator and pedagog. She lives and works in Prague. She is mostly working with performance, spoken word, sound and video. Main topics of her artistic interest are Time, Identity and Relation ships. In her performances, she exceeds borders of known reality, interupting real situations with unknown and iracional things, then they will become the subconscious. She is mostly experimenting with new media, combine them with archaic medias, as a Astrology, Tarot, Mythology, Fairytales or other kinds of Archetypes. Her known projects are: Treasure, Piet, Personal Tarot, Naked Lunch, Bianca Braselli, Fembot, Thelematrix, Videoautomat, Memorial to victims of Capitalism, Imago Dei, The way of performance, Videoaltar, Dark Madona, Modern forms of invocating reality. darina.alster@gmail.com

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