Theatrum Mundi 2.0

Theatrum mundi 2.0 is Multimedia installation and group performance that captures the inner space of man and metaphorically also the world. In the Jesuit College, performance continues on a permanent exhibition of the States of Mind. Performers will work with individual states of mind. The basis of group performance is interactive projection and theater turntable.Pokračovat ve čtení „Theatrum Mundi 2.0“

Sale of identities

Performance Sale of Identities, which we did with Red Woman, Black Man, Multihand, Urban city as an Performade event in Tomas Ruller´s retrospective exhibition in GHMP Prague, 14.9.2018. Photos by: Katarina Kadijevic, Camila Vieira, Starring: Black man, Red woman, Urban city and Multihand. #postidentity#postperformance#redwoman#multihand#newaliensagency#darinaalster#albertpoda

Body Cluster

Body Cluster: Two opposite parts of Psyche are fighting with ego. Two strong female archetypes in opposition which is their conjunction. Inner healing proces. The tension of fight, the borderland between struggle and love of contrasting energies as the basic pulsation or the motivation of life. Transformation of fear through physical process. Authors: Darina AlsterPokračovat ve čtení „Body Cluster“

Tension Relay

Tension Relay Posthuman tension, Invasion of Love, identity research, reclaiming emotions, reinvention of love, Army of people, we are all heroes, our feelings are political … Darina Alster in cooperation with PXS, Jakub Ra and Army of people, Ida Elastic, technical support Andrej Boleslavský. The internal invasion of love manifests itself externally through action. TherePokračovat ve čtení „Tension Relay“

The Fridge

The Fridge. Mothers art exhibition. Jelly cake in the fridge. Forgotten dildo included. Unicorns included. Brest pudding with mothers milk.Erotic wishes and desires as a part of daily mothers life. Exhibition and performance Gushes 2 we did with Kateřina Olivová in the fridge of the curator Mira Gáberová. Freezing gallery space is perfect when outsidePokračovat ve čtení „The Fridge“

Performance Art must be beautiful

Performance Art must be beautiful. artist must be beautiful was a openning ceremony of the exhibition at Walk Thru gallery. I readed my personal manifest covering all body with mud. The voice of Marina Abramović iconic performance was the sound of situation. Than I ran away through the city, than was swimming in the fontain.Pokračovat ve čtení „Performance Art must be beautiful“

“Her libido will produce far more radical effects of political and social change than some might like to think.”is citation of Helene Cixous from her book The laugh of the Medusa. This strong sentence is leitmotiv of my exhibition in Walk Thru Gallery in Hradec Králové. Exhibitons is running from 23.6. untill the end ofPokračovat ve čtení

Principium Nativitatis

Principium Nativitatis is project which i did with friend and painter Jana Šárová. It is combination between the act of performance and painting. Classical painting is interrupted by the presence of the action. The environment of the gallery becomes a part of the image space. The painting is object, which was destroyed by performance. ThePokračovat ve čtení „Principium Nativitatis“

Cluster Body

Cluster Body Two opposite parts of Psyche are fighting with ego. Two strong female archetypes in oposition which is their conjunction. Inner healing proces. Relatives of fight or making love are a basic pulsation of living. Transformation of fear throw physical process. Performance happenned at Crossings Festival, Cross Attic 25.4.2018. Autors: Jana Orlová and me.Pokračovat ve čtení „Cluster Body“